For this 10th episode, I had the chance to chat with Nimrod Priell. Nimrod is the CEO and founder of, a software startup bringing collaboration directly into any SaaS tool.

In this episode, we talked about transitioning from product manager at Facebook to startup CEO.

We talked about the importance of drive and belief when it comes to managing your career.

We talked about learning by talking, networking with smart people, and absorbing knowledge.

Nimrod (@nimrodpriell) is the founder & CEO of Radical, the company behind Cord ( - a horizontal collaboration product, that turns all tools you use multi-player, so you can collaborate with your team inside any SaaS application.

Before then, he was a PM at Facebook, was an advisor to founders and CPOs of $1B+ startups, and worked at various startups and orgs as a data scientist and software engineer all the way back to 2002.

From building and managing teams to running over 1,000 interviews, Nimrod is deeply interested in motivation and personal growth, in productivity and how teams communicate and work effectively.

Listen to the episode: