For this 13th episode, I had the chance to chat with Alexis Amitrano, Global Marketing Manager at Beam Suntory, a beverage industry leader and world leader in premium spirits


In this episode, we talked about how a passion for the product and the industry should drive you as a marketer.

We talked about marketing premium spirits.

We talked about how digging deeper into data can enable you to do innovative marketing.

Alexis is a commercially savvy Marketeer with +10 yearsā€™ experience in Food & Beverages and Media which spans UK, SPAIN, JAPAN & LATAM. (Pernod Ricard, Gruppo Campari, Beam Suntory).

He had a passion for crafting disruptive brand strategies creating profitable growth at a local level that aligns with Global brand guidelines.

He has vast experience acting as a bridge between Marketing, Trade, and Sales.

Listen to the episode: