Today we had the chance to chat with Vincent Lebunetel. Vincent is the CEO and co-founder of an HR tech company called offers a job and skills repository solution to assist organizations in their transformation and boost internal mobility.

With Vincent, we talked about empowering your team, encouraging risk and trust in order to foster exceptional leadership and motivation.

We discussed how the L&D system in most companies is broken. We also talked about caring and empathy in the workplace.

And about so many other things! We are glad to share it with you :)

Listen to the episode:

Are you in a hurry? Listen directly to what interests you:

  • Taking risks (2:14)
  • Accountability (4:16)
  • The importance of empathy (12:40)
  • Finding empathy for yourself (16:30)
  • Skills and Learning (19:49)
  • Learning in Large Companies (25:01)
  • Tips for Entrepreneurs (35:36)
  • The 24-hours rule (38:20)
  • Creating a strong team (41:00)

Here are a few highlights from our discussion:

Encouraging risk

"To motivate someone, you need to empower them. If you really want them to be on board, they need to be empowered. It means that you're gonna trust that they will be doing the right thing and you will encourage them to take risks, as the biggest risk is ultimately not to take any, from my perspective. So you need to make sure that you put together a framework in your team where people won't be afraid to make mistakes."

"The biggest risk is ultimately not to take any."


"The notion of accountability for me is really key. [...] That's kind of how you embark people. You need to make them accountable in the sense that the one who takes charge for a project has to report to all the team for that project."


"I think it takes one characteristic and that characteristic is amplified with this confinement, it's empathy. So putting yourself in someone else's shoes is always something that I spontaneously do and I just feel like it doesn't seem a lot but giving someone a call just like checking up on them and say "Hey, how are you doing? How have you been? What's currently on your mind? How can I help you right now?" It doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes. You might say "Okay, we don't always have those 5-10 minutes", [...] but it's an investment [...] that's going to yield into a much higher engagement from the person that you give that call to."

Learning with others

"I learn a lot by meeting and exchanging with people. I nourish myself by interacting with people. [...] I have one of my co-founder, Catalin, who I love to interact with because he always has some different perspective on things. He has a very strong culture around research and this is not something I'm good at, and that also teaches me how to bring other lenses on a given project or a problem. How I learn as well is by listening to podcasts [...] where people are going to be sharing about their own experience so it's again about meeting and exchanging with people."

The 24-hours rule

"I have a rule that's the 24 hours rule, which means that when you have like a really shitty day, when you have something hard that happens to you or to your business (you lose a client, you have a resignation of someone that you really care about or things as such), you grant yourself the possibility of having 24 hours down, where you're gonna be a bit moaning and so on, uh ideally at a distance - because you don't want to contaminate the people that surround you - but after those 24 hours, you kick your ass! I mean, you just make it happen and you move on to something. I mean it's that mindset thing."