For this 20th episode, I had the chance to chat with Pritesh Chauhan. Pritesh is a Creative Marketing Strategist and Storyteller.

[DISCLAIMER: When recorded, Pritesh was Senior Marketing Manager at GSMA, a trade organization representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide. So we mention his work at GSMA :)].

In this episode, we talked about what makes a great video campaign and video storytelling.

We talked about the massive transition in video production

We talked about how to learn video marketing and best practices.

Pritesh is a storyteller and strategic content creator with a passion for helping people and businesses tell their stories.

For over the last fifteen years, he has been in the business-to-business world across various industries, building marketing divisions, defining brands, delivering impactful events, creating dynamic content, producing engaging video, and developing an integrated environment that blends traditional marketing with experiential, digital and social.

For the last 6 years, Pritesh has been working on promoting the impact connectivity and the mobile industry is having on the world.

He has built and delivered campaigns, teams, and events that have span the globe, generating content that has reached millions online.

Pritesh also works hard on maintaining a work-life balance. With his young family, they are always planning or going on the next adventure, seeing as much of the world as possible, watching the latest Disney masterpiece, or getting covered in paint, play-doh, or glitter.

Listen to the episode: