For this 27th episode, I had the chance to chat with Rory McEntee, Brand & Marketing Director at Gymbox.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • What it is to be a Challenger Brand
  • Transitioning from brick and mortar to digital overnight
  • How to make it in the competitive fitness industry
  • Where to get inspiration to build a disruptive brand

Rory is responsible for all aspects of the brand's marketing and leads the digital, brand & social strategy with an emphasis on building irreverent and thought-provoking marketing.

His early background included marketing roles at Everyman Cinema and Paddy Power where he focused on creating disruptive and engaging content.

Prior to being marketing lead at Gymbox, he worked for brands including Cineworld, Pizza Express & Benugo.

His passion has always been to work for challenger or rebel brands who like to create disruption and challenge the norm.

His marketing and career approach has always been taking risks and avoiding the norm.

Follow Rory on Twitter and Instagram: @rorymcentee

Listen to the episode: