For this third episode, we had the chance to chat with Lyndsay Close. Lyndsay is a Marketing Manager at amBX, a software startup in the smart building industry.

With Lyndsay, we talked about building a career as a woman in a male-dominated industry. We also explored what mentorship is and how to build a great mentor relationship at work.

We also talked about the everlasting tension between learning a new skill versus outsourcing.

I really enjoyed chatting with Lyndsay, I hope you'll enjoy listening to this episode!

Listen to the episode:

Are you in a hurry? Listen directly to what interests you:

  • Motivation during the current crisis (3:08)
  • Manager / Team Member Relationship (10:20)
  • Mentorship (13:28)
  • Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry (18:10)
  • Learning New Skills VS Outsourcing (27:53)
  • Skills for 2021 (30:12)

Here are a few highlights from our discussion:

Staying motivated during Pandemic

"It can be quite lonely and isolating sometimes and not having your team around you to kind of bounce ideas off, it doesn't encourage kind of creative thinking, so you've got to think of other ways to motivate yourself and get through the day. I think it's all about routine, having a structure, so I try and get up in the morning, go for a walk... I think I saw something on Linkedin actually. It was like a call that was quite interesting about a fake commute and how that can help with motivation and productivity, which I think definitely helps for me. Getting up in the morning and going for a walk and then coming back to the house makes you feel like you've commuted to the office almost. [...] I think just regular coffee breaks, kind of speaking to people on the phone and I try and do quite a bit of exercise which I think helps you as well. You feel a lot more positive."


"My current manager is acting as kind of a mentor [...] because I am quite new to this industry. It's about teaching me everything that I need to know [...] so that I can do my job to the best of my ability[...]. I think he's quite laid back in his approach, so I know that I can just pick up the phone and give him a call if I am struggling with something [...]. He gives constructive criticism and he's straight to the point. I think that's a great way to sum up a mentor."

"He gives constructive criticism and he's straight to the point. I think that's a great way to sum up a mentor."

Being a Woman in a Male-Dominated Industry

"I think there's definitely a lot more progress to be made in terms of diversifying the industry. It is quite traditional still but having said that I haven't really had many challenges. Everyone has been quite welcoming. I come from quite a male-dominated industry previously as well so I already had a bit of a skill set with how to deal with certain situations, and how to deal with meetings where you're the only woman around a table. It's something that isn't right and I do think there's still a lot to be done but we're moving in the right direction. [...] I think diversity is key [...] because if you've got all men sat around a table, all the same age or from the same background, then you're not going to look at a problem from many different angles. If you've got more of a diverse team [...], you've got those different angles and those different personalities and opinions and backgrounds, it can be so much more interesting."

Learning New Skills VS Outsourcing

"We're obviously a small business, so our marketing budget isn't huge, so we just wanted to try and make sure that the money we were spending was being used for things we really needed. So if we can bring anything in internally and if I can learn how to do it myself, then that's going to save us money that we can then spend on other things that we're going to get more out of."

Skills to learn in 2021

"I didn't realize that Youtube was the number one social platform for B2B marketing and especially for a lot of the target audiences we are speaking to. Specifiers tend to engage more with content that's interactive. It's light-hearted, it's just easy to understand and so I think one of the skills that I want to learn is how we can improve our Youtube strategy and potentially use it to be able to communicate even if it's frequently asked questions or topics of interest so that we can upload short videos and maybe even create short blogs that embed these videos within them and that obviously leads to social content as well. But I'm hoping that that will make quite complex topics that we talk about easier to understand and easier to digest."