For this 30th episode, I had the chance to chat with Nigel Hawthorn, EMEA Marketing Director at McAfee.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Translating technology and features into something customers understand.
  • Marketing complex technology
  • How to be successful in B2B marketing
  • Tips on Copywriting
  • Staying curious to stay motivated
  • Books recommendations for tech and B2B marketing

Nigel has many years experience of IT B2B marketing - always trying to convert complex systems into simple messages.

His messages often try to close gaps between silos in large enterprises and bring different audiences together.

He writes articles, blogs and presents at industry conferences and has written one book.

In technology, his experience has mirrored many of the most innovative areas of computing; Apple and PCs in the 1980s, storage and networking in the 1990s, Internet performance and web security in the 2000s, and mobility and cloud enablement in the 2010s.

Follow Nigel on Twitter: @wheresnigel

Listen to the episode: