For this 32nd episode, I had the chance to chat with Amanda Baker, co-founder at Make Us Care, a branding and creative agency for startups and scaleups.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Moving from the startup world to building an agency
  • Building something that people care about 
  • How building brands is about getting closer to people
  • The 5-Stories Framework
  • The practice & day-to-day of brand building
  • Managing long-term branding VS short-term growth

Here is Amanda's 5-Stories Framework applied to herself 😊:

"🚀 Origin Story: At 23, I raised £150k investment for my fashion startup, Fashionably Skint. The short story is that I spent four years hustling, building, learning and very nearly burning out (more than once). The long story is something I’ll tell you over a BIG glass of wine.  

💡Empathy Story: My first startup failed and it hurt. The experience gave me some incredible learnings to share with people building their businesses, AND it was the springboard into my fascination with understanding the stories behind businesses. I learned that a lot of businesses struggle to communicate their stories. So, I vowed to help them.

🌍 Purpose Story: I’m here for the founders fighting for what they believe in and building a fairer, freer and kinder world. I’m here to help them find their stories and tell them in different, creative ways. It’s my job to give people a bloody good reason to care about my clients because the world really is a better place with them in it.

🥁 Product Story: I spend my time running workshops, advising growing businesses and building brands with
5 Stories. My company, Make Us Care, is a creative partner for businesses doing good in the world. We work on strategic copywriting, visual identity and brand campaigns. The 5 Stories is my secret sauce. It’s a communication methodology that helps businesses get really clear on the people they exist for – and how to connect with them.

🔮 Vision Story: I’m building a world where purpose-driven businesses become the brands people care about most. To me, making people care starts by caring more about people. Building a business is hard. But building a brand that people care about is soooo much HARDER. The work I do helps to make the brand-building journey simple, clear and fun. The ride is short. Let’s enjoy it."

Listen to the episode: