For this 39th episode, I had the chance to chat with Laura Roth, B2B SaaS Marketer.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The WeWork crisis
  • The importance of taking risks and carving opportunities in your career
  • European VS American work cultures
  • The soft skills you need to succeed as a marketer
  • Advice on job hunting during COVID and difficult times
  • Managing your mental health during job hunting and the social stigma of job hunting
  • The importance of building connections

Laura has more recently been B2B community Lead at Vodafone Business, Marketing Consultant, and Director of Growth Marketing EMEA at WeWork.

Laura is a B2B Global Marketing Leader with a proven track record of delivering growth. She has extensive international experience having lived in New York City and London, working in the B2B SaaS and publishing industries across markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

Laura is also a seasoned judge for industry awards including the US Search Awards, Global SEMPO awards and ClickZ awards, and has been a speaker and moderator at various industry panels and webinars including PubCon, C3, and SES.

When she's not marketing you can find her running in Regents park, supporting Spurs, cooking a new dish, or watching a beautiful sunset.

Listen to the episode: