For this fourth episode, we had the chance to chat with Trifon Tsvetkov. Trifon is a Freelance Content Marketer specialized in SaaS companies.

With Trifon, we talked about how you can build motivation with journaling.

We talked about how the best way to overcome a challenge is by doing one simple thing repeatedly.  

We talked about how friends, peers, books, podcasts can lift you up when you are working alone.

Trifon is the founder and director at Growth Packs - a marketing agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Previously, he was an early employee at 2 software companies where he built and trained their marketing teams from scratch.

Outside of work, Trifon enjoys chess, football, and playing around with the latest productivity apps.

He writes on Medium about cool things like how to organize your tasks, notes, and calendar so you can work with more clarity.

Listen to the episode: