For this 44th episode, I had the chance to chat with Vivien Conway, Co-founder at Ace the Gram - an Instagram growth agency. Viv is an expert in Instagram growth and engagement. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Starting on Insta back in 2014
  • The importance of having a paid strategy & a paid funnel
  • Evaluating how much content you can post and how much value you can provide. 
  • How to collaborate with smaller accounts to create content
  • Insta stories and how to use them
  • Reels and how to use them
  • Giveaways & how to rock them
  • Hashtags strategies
  • Taking action and testing

We published an Ebook on Instagram growth in 2021 inspired by this conversation with Viv.

You can find the ebook here.

Listen to the episode: