For this 45th episode, I had the chance to chat with Dennis Consorte, digital marketing strategist & consultant. Dennis is Founder of Consorte Marketing, Snackable Solutions and content creator for

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Growing a company too fast and burning out
  • Transitioning from the agency model to a smaller scale consultancy
  • Rebooting process after a big burnout
  • The importance of your relationship with others and being happy on a personal level
  • What small business owners should focus on and what they should check out.
  • How to build trust and loyalty with your clients
  • Focusing on being 1% better every day and incremental success

Dennis believes that small businesses and entrepreneurs give people hope for a brighter future.

He has twenty years of experience as a digital marketer and sold his first e-commerce business in 2004.

He now works as a marketing consultant who helps small businesses and startups to drive traffic, conversion, and retention.

He does these using tactics like SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and storytelling.

Dennis enjoys bringing stagnant companies on journeys where they are transformed into successful businesses with purpose and direction.

He’s ready to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to be. He’s a practicing stoic, lives in New York, and dreams of owning a plot of land in Wyoming.

He hopes to get back into snowboarding, the gym, and social interaction.

Follow Dennis on Twitter and Insta: @dennisconsorte

Listen to the episode: