For this 49th episode, I had the chance to chat with Marie-Anne Dagues, Chief Marketing Officer at Perifit, a French startup company creator of a connected solution for pelvic floor rehabilitation used by 100.000 women worldwide.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • A company and a product on a mission to help women
  • The story of a company with an 8-figures turnover in 3 years
  • The marketing strategy behind their success
  • Organic virality and having entire facebook groups built around your product that you didn’t create
  • Managing sensitive messaging and handling a politically charged product
  • Transitioning from big brand management to tactical startup operations
  • The millennial in all of us
  • How marketers leave "a piece of their soul" with what they sell

Marie-Anne has spent the past 8 years in a media agency, climbing the ladder from display buyer to Business Director and team lead for one of the largest global luxury groups.

She had managed small and large teams and has learned over the course of those years to navigate continuous turnover, stress, mean clients, and internal politics.

Also a young mom, Marie-Anne decided mid-2020 to turn that page and to dedicate her time, energy, and heart to a cause that she holds dear: women's health, and joined Perifit in December as CMO.

There, she is leading e-commerce, acquisition, branding, wholesale, PR, and communities.

Listen to the episode: