For this fifth episode, we had the chance to chat with Jeff Hancock. Jeff is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinpass a startup in the crypto-finance industry.

In this episode, we talked about finding the motivation to launch a startup and building it up through the first few years. 

We talked about the dangers of not developing, growing, learning on the job.  

We talked about how happiness at work is at the crossroad of enjoying what you do, delivering value to others, and being able to walk away.

Originally from Australia, Jeff spent the last 16 years in technology sectors looking after Hotels, Casinos and Datacentres.

He designed technical infrastructures for large retail, fintech and investment companies in the U.K. and most recently the £100b pound SoftBank Vision Fund.

His most recent venture is, An award-winning Cryptocurrency Exchange and Fiat Onramp platform designed for retail investors, professional traders and B2B integrations.

Their vision is to blur the line between crypto and banking into a single digital layer. Our mission is to build a regulated, compliant, safe, and secure way for investors and businesses to access the digital asset space with the best in class experience.

Listen to the episode: