For this 51rst episode, I had the chance to chat with Spencer Marlow, Marketing Director EMEA at Anaplan, an NYSE-listed SaaS company specializing in business planning and data visualization.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The importance of consolidated data and connected planning
  • What data matters and should matter to a CMO?
  • Internal and external data 
  • The questions you ask your data are the answers you’re going to get. 
  • How to link brand engagement to pipeline growth
  • How to mix Account coverage, engagement/intent data, and lead-scoring data to show the impact of marketing on the bottom line
  • What’s new in marketing metrics
  • The importance of accountability and common language when it comes to marketing metrics.
  • Less is more when it comes to data (the example of email marketing and the unique focus on CTR). 
  • The data you should measure is what really makes a difference for the business. 
  • Building data tools and keeping a minimum amount of dashboards.  
  • How marketing metrics can be liberating.

Spencer is a highly accomplished B2B Marketing professional, with 20 years practitioner experience in IT/Technology marketing, including 4 years agency side.

Listen to the episode: