For this 53rd episode, I had the chance to chat with Amin Makhani, SVP of Growth Strategy at BentoBox, a SaaS solution for restaurants (6k customers worldwide). Amin was also first marketing hire at Yext, the company grew revenue from $5M to $120M and went public during his time.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • The state of the restaurant industry with the pandemic
  • Marketing to restaurants, the channels, the strategy, the audience targeting
  • Marketing to restaurants, the digital and physical marketing
  • First marketing hire for Yext (NYSE: YEXT); the company grew revenues from $5M to $120M
  • Joining a future billion-dollar startup during the 2008 recession
  • The faith and scaling journey of growing a company until you take it public 
  • Learning management on the go and growing as a leader, what resources and what tactics to adopt.
  • Hiring for intellectual curiosity and troubleshooting skills.

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