For this 59th episode, I had the chance to chat with Sylvie Giret, Managing Director North America at De Buyer USA, a leading French handmade cookware brand created in 1830 and present in over 90 countries. 

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Launching French brands in the US
  • The difference between the French and the American consumer
  • How to craft your messaging for the US consumer
  • The operational side of launching a French brand in the US. 
  • The relationship with retailers
  • Going DTC first and building a relationship with US consumers first
  • How to maximize trade shows
  • The timeline you need to set up in the US
  • The team you need to build to succeed in the US
  • Geographic coverage and if it matters
  • De Buyer challenges for 2021

Sylvie is a multicultural Executive specializing in CPG.

She has been advising and operating niche brands willing to expand in the US market for almost 15 years.

A French-born citizen, Sylvie has lived in 7 different countries, including Northern Africa where she spent most of her childhood, France, the UK and, now the US.

She lives in NYC with her husband and 2 teenage children.

Listen to the episode: