For this 7th episode, I had the chance to chat with Simon Allison. Simon is the Head of Marketing at the Inception Group - a hospitality group behind many award-winning bars, restaurants, and clubs in London.

In this episode, we talked about how the covid crisis has led to unexpected learning.

We talked about learning on the job and how important it is to personalize the learning experience for professionals. 

We talked about what it takes to build a career promoting nightclubs and bars.

Simon has over ten years of experience working in hospitality, originally in a nightclub environment. For the last six years, he has led venues in London.

Over the years Simon has worked for three companies: Eclectic Clubs and Bars, Virgin Limited Edition, and now Inception Group.

The Inception Group has five brands (Mr Fogg's, Cahoots, Bunga Bunga, Barts, and Maggie's).

These brands are spread across 13 venues.

However, when Simon joined, none of these brands were across multiple venues.

A large part of his role has been building brands that can be opened in slightly different iterations.

Over the years Inception has become known for headline-grabbing and viral spreading activations such as sending a cocktail into space, sending a couple around the world to make a truly global cocktail, and offering ownership to one of their new bars.

Listen to the episode: