Instagram is still Facebook’s cool sibling. And even though the platform changed a lot in recent years, it is still a massive opportunity for brands to build communities and find new customers.

This is why we compiled what you should pay attention to in 2021 if you want to grow your Instagram account. Have a good read!

Grow your account 🚀

Our 2021 tips to grow your account faster, with both organic and paid strategies.

Produce better content 🧲

We tell you what kind of content you should create for a better organic reach and how often you should post.

Bonus tips ❤️

Should I still organize giveaways? How should I use hashtags in 2021?  What should be my n°1 priority on IG?

What you'll find in this guide:

• Why you should consider a paid strategy
• Why you should invest in stories and reels
• Should you still organize giveaways?
• How to use hashtags in 2021

+ Bonus tips at the end