Brewers Supply Group (BSG) supplies craft brewers with ingredients like malt, hops, and yeast, etc.

The kind of product you’d think is impossible to differentiate or get excited about.

Well, BSG manages to get its customers excited with every shipment they deliver.


The Nut Roll.

Let me explain. When Brewers Supply Group (BSG) delivers a shipment to a brewery, you have to imagine dozens or more huge bags arriving on pallets.

The shipment has to be inspected then unloaded by the brewery’s staff.

That unloading process can be difficult and tedious especially for breweries without a forklift who have to do it by hand.  

BSG managed to make this part of the process fun for its customers by turning it into a hunt.

In every shipment, there is a hidden candy bar called a Nut Roll.

Brewers unloading the shipment rush to find it first and get the candy bar for themselves.

It’s can sound silly (I mean it’s just a candy bar).

But this turned a tedious process into a fun game, more than that a ritual.

This tradition is now anchored into many breweries and it’s just part of what they do.

This is how a simple candy bar can turn a commodity into an experience and into loyal customers for years.

PS: When marketing a commodity the trick is to forget about the commodity and focus on other aspects of the product you can actually differentiate.

Here it’s actually the delivery part they managed to differentiate not the commodity itself.

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