Some brands don't just have customers but collectors.

A dream right?

Here is a guide to becoming a collectible brand.

1/ Offer a quest for the next grail

Having an object of desire can give sense to our lives.

And a collection is a never-ending object of desire.

There is always something new to collect.

It’s a quest with an addictive thrill.

Getting that next collection piece needs to feel like a chase.

2/ It should take time

A collection should be hard to assemble.

It should require resources and most importantly time.

Collectors, like and want to spend a lot of time collecting.

This is when it becomes a relaxing hobby for them.

Make sure your collectors can spend a lot of time assembling their collections.

3/ Something to be proud of

Having an impressive, unique collection is a way to expand the self.

It can tell something positive about you to the world, something you want to associate yourself with and be proud of.

Offering more options for a successful product can be a great way to reach the collector market.

4/ Offer a platform for collectors to meet

Want to create a community around your product?

Then have a product worth collecting.‍

Collectors love to share with other collectors.


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