If you want to reach professionals, LinkedIn is where you want to be.

And you want to start building a personal following by posting great content.

Here are the types of posts that work.

1/ Celebrate

The algorithm loves celebration posts.

It works because people in your network want to see you, hear about your achievements and see you succeed.

Their “likes” are like a tap on the back saying: “well done!”.

Celebrate every milestone.


2/ Inspire

Inspire others with your story.

It works much better when talking about your story rather than someone else's.

It’s called the “rag to riches” framework.

The post doesn’t have to talk about money or success.

It can be about overcoming any obstacle really, a fear for example.


3/ Take a stand

Taking a stand against or for something works well because you can rally people who share the same opinion.

You give a voice to what a lot of people think.


4/ Lead magnets

I find them a bit annoying, but you know...they work.

I am talking about lead magnets.

You ask people to comment to get access to a gated content.


5/ Ride hot topics

Piggyback on the news or whatever is happening in your industry and voice an opinion.

Especially if it’s a hot topic.

Be transparent about how you feel about that issue.


6/ Simple how-to’s

Share simple tips & step-by-step guides especially when you have a personal story to back it up.


7/ Carousels

They tend to perform a bit better than other posts.

I don’t know why really.

Maybe it’s because of the dwell-time, meaning the time spent on the post.


Bonus (1)

Avoid sharing links, being arrogant, being too niche and not being personal enough.

LinkedIn is an amazing platform.

And posting does pay off.

It just takes a little work to find your niche!

Bonus (2)

LinkedIn is where you want to win people’s hearts not redirect them to your website.

Focus on offering real value and finding real fans.

Forget about the vanity metrics and cashing in on the traffic right away.

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