How many times have you had a great digital marketing idea but couldn’t bring it to life due to lack of resources or skills?

This has happened to me many, many times in my career, especially when it comes to building digital assets. The product/IT team never had time to help me and finding help outside the company was costly. So I found myself very, very, frustrated. :)

Those days are now over! Thanks to the no-code tools that exist today, any marketer can implement their projects on their own, without having to write a single line of code.

In this e-book, I will show you how no-code tools can help you to accelerate your digital transformation, fuel your growth, and lead generation.

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What is No-Code?

No-code allows users to create complete applications using a visual approach (drag and drop), as opposed to the traditional method of writing thousands of lines of code.

5 Business Advantages of No-Code App Development

I see four main advantages to using no-code platforms:

🏃  Faster

Developing software can be very time-consuming. If you use the classic method (work with a designer and a developer), development can take several months. With no-code, it takes only a few weeks. It is absolutely perfect to quickly test an idea.

💸 Cheaper

Developing a custom web app is usually expensive (up to 800€ per day). With no-code, no need to call on a developer. This widens the scope of people capable of managing this project. This allows start-up founders to build an MVP without a tech co-founder.

🎛️ More control

You have total control over your application and can make it evolve as you wish when you wish.

🕓 No need to use your precious IT team time

Tech teams are often fully mobilized on product development and generally do not have the time to work on marketing team projects. Using a no-code tool allows tech teams to work on the product without slowing down the marketing teams.

😊  Boosts the autonomy of your non-tech teams

By allowing them to create their own solutions to simple needs, your teams will gain autonomy, and therefore in productivity and motivation.

In short, no-code platforms allow to create digital solutions easily, without having to go through developers. For small and medium-sized companies, this is a great opportunity to implement their ideas easily.

Which No-Code Tools Should You Use - Get the eBook 👇

There are many no-code tools available on the market and it is sometimes difficult to know which one to use.

That's why I've written this eBook! Download it for free:


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