If you don’t know Joe Rogan’s podcast, just have these numbers in mind:

200 million listeners per month & 5 billion views on YouTube.

He has a larger audience than many large networks.

And behind it all, there is one man: Joe Rogan (+ a small team).

Here is the marketing strategy behind one of the most successful podcasts in the world:

1/ He started early

Joe started his podcast in 2009 just before podcast listening blew up.

2/ Unconventional format

Most experts will tell you to keep podcast episodes short.

You know, people’s attention span being short, etc...

Well, Joe doesn’t really care about that.

3/ Unconventional topics

The same experts will tell you to stick to a niche.

Well, Joe talks about many topics with many different guests.

4/ Super simple distribution strategy

For content distribution tactics, Joe does one thing really.

He takes a few short clips from each episode and puts them on YouTube.

That’s it.

And YouTube is where Joe really grew his audience.

5/ YouTube optimization

With over 6000 clips on YouTube, he covers many different topics.

And those clips are really well optimized for the algorithm.

Both thumbnails and titles are built to perform.

6/ It’s personal

This show is all about Joe and him pursuing his interests.

He’s gonna talk about those interests no matter who he’s with.

One of Joe’s interests is weed.

So when Elon Musk comes on his show, they talk about (and smoke) weed.

His many personal interests create unique content and an uncopyable brand.

7/ Leveraging communities

With his many interests, Joe is embedded in many communities.

If you love bow hunting, there is a big chance you end up hearing about Joe.

Joe creates content (with his clips and guests) for these communities.

8/ Covering the guest’s audience

Let’s say you’re a fan of Demi Lovato.

With his clips from Demi’s interviews, Joe is gonna reach you.

Maybe not today, but at some point, YouTube will show you that clip.

9/ Not guests - friends

Joe has many friends he invites over and over.

Then, they invite him to their own podcasts.

It’s a long-term relationship.

This way, he’s able to deeply reach his guests' audience.

10/ Not a podcast - a lifestyle

Joe covers so many different areas of life with his many interests and guests.

This creates a Rogan way of life and principles you can follow every day.

Like a religion.

Bonus (1)

Joe produces a lot of episodes.

On average 3 to 4 per week and has been doing this for years.

His catalog is one of the largest.

Bonus (2)

He doesn’t really rely on other social channels to promote his podcast (other than YouTube).

His Twitter is mostly unrelated retweets.

His podcast is a bit more present on Instagram but not much.

Bonus (3)

Joe Rogan’s podcast is one the best examples I know of:

a very simple marketing strategy, but applied consistently over many years.

Bonus (4)

It’s also one of the best examples of the power of making a personal product.

Something so deeply linked to who you are as a creator, that it’s truly unique.

You know the (cheesy but true) thing they say: the ultimate brand is you.

Thanks for reading!

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