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Lead magnets are everywhere. But great lead magnets are less common. 

Tired e-books that are just a collection of old blog posts, we see you. 👀

There is so much content out there that in order to convince people to leave their email, you need to produce something really great! 

Down below are the five ingredients for an awesome lead magnet:

1/ High, immediate, value

A great lead magnet brings immediate value for your audience.

Think about your target audience’s main problems and list ideas solving these problems.

This step requires knowing your audience well.

Here’s a lead magnet by Optinmonster, a lead generation software, that brings the right amount of value for their audience:

lead magnet must bring value

2/ Goal-oriented

In addition to solving your audience’s pains, a lead magnet must serve your business objectives.

A good lead magnet is designed to fit perfectly into your sales funnel and demonstrates your expertise.

It must be a logical step before your paying offer.

lead magnet sales funnel

Lead magnets are often seen as a top-of-funnel or middle-of-funnel tool, but they can also be great for bottom-of-funnel.

lead magnet funnel

3/ Invites repeated usage

The best lead magnets can be used daily by the target audience.

The more users interact with your brand, the more they are likely to become customers.

Here are a few examples of lead magnets allowing repeated usage:

lead magnet for repeated usage

A great example of this is Alomoves, the video platform of yoga clothing brand Alo Yoga.

Their approach is very clever as they offer a 14-day trial to their virtual yoga classes.

It allows the audience to use it daily to exercise, so it becomes a habit in their daily life.

alomoves video platform

4/ Great copy

The landing page’s copy can really make or break a lead magnet.

Here is a great, simple copy from Neil Patel’s quizz:

lead magnet great copy

5/ Make sure you also get relevant insights on the lead

Getting to know your audience better is not the primary purpose of a lead magnet, but it’s definitely a plus!

Here is Clarins’ beauty consultation that makes a great bottom-of-funnel lead magnet and generates audience insights:

lead magnet audience knowledge

That's it for me today!

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