Hey, it’s Badis!

Let’s talk about Word Of Mouth (WOM) for a minute. 

I’ve compiled some great WOM tactics and examples for you.

By the way, WOM is different from referral tactics (which imply a transaction: financial, gift,…).

WOM tactics are about giving people:

 “A reason to talk about your stuff, and make it easier for that conversation to take place” 

- Andy Sernovitz.

1/ The picture

The oldest WOM tactic in the book: the picture. 

You go somewhere. You take a picture or a picture is taken of you.

That’s a WOM tactic. 

Your picture is going to generate conversations, whether it’s posted or framed for the living room.

⬅️ Left: Carli Paris, a hairdresser always takes an HD picture of every client free of charge.

➡️ Right: Disney does the same but makes you pay for it! :)

2/ Extra customer service

It’s the little things that show if a company cares.

⬅️ Left: The W Hotel New York changes the elevator carpet 3 times a day. Who cares? No one. It’s just a story to bring home.

➡️ Right: Leaving the German winter for a sunnier place? Frankfurt airport checks in your big winter coat, so you don’t have to carry it around on the beach.

3/ The cause

Nothing is better than backing a cause to generate WOM.

People talk about companies that do good. 


It reflects well on them. It shows they care too.

⬅️ Left: Westin Mission Hills Hotel works with local dog shelters and features dogs in the lobby for adoption. Guests can take them for a walk and if they match they can take them home. Now, who wouldn’t talk about this?!

➡️ Right: Tajinebanane, a clothing brand for new moms, backs the right to breastfeed “anytime, anywhere”. The result? A huge stream of user-generated photos of moms who share that same opinion & 118k followers (@tajinebanane).

4/ The packaging

Your packaging can be an annoying thing to get rid of immediately.

It can also be something customers talk about. 

⬅️ Left: You know that little label you get on every disposable tea bag? Yogi Tea, a German brand, puts an inspiring quote on every label. You can’t help reading that quote and talking about it with whoever you’re drinking tea with. I know - I do it all the time…

➡️ Right: A grenade-shaped supplement container does not go unnoticed in your kitchen. Grenade Fitness makes sure everyone sees and talks about their packaging.

5/ Say thank you

Saying thank you can go a long way. 

DavidsTea sent a personalized email to all their client base for the company’s anniversary.

A bit of humor, showing gratitude is nothing but pure value.

6/ Limited-edition WTF products

If you’re a brand fan, and a limited-edition product comes up - you’re gonna talk about it with your friends.

⬅️ Left: Supreme is very good at this. It is a clothing brand, but they recently released a brick. It’s $200. Search for #supremebrick. It’s all over the web. People posing with a brick...

➡️ Right: Burger King Japan made their sandwiches black, not for the taste but just for starting conversations.

7/ The review

Ask for a review if you want customers to drop one. 

Ask about their overall experience, not just the product. 

Simple. Like Casper over here.

8/ The humble brag

Give your customers a reason to brag, an accomplishment to share. In this example, Slideshare congratulates you for featuring your slides on their homepage.

9/ A unique experience

There is nothing better than showing your customers something they’ve never seen before.

⬅️ Left: La Boucherie is a high-end steak restaurant in LA, which offers a knife menu, so you can cut your steak with style. 

➡️ Right: The Magic Castle Hotel has a popsicle hotline. Just call the number and the staff brings a free popsicle.


That’s it for me! Special thanks to Talktrigger.com, and Wordofmouth.org where some of these examples come from. 

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