The Implement Podcast πŸŽ™οΈ

By Badis Khalfallah,
Implement co-founder
We talk about marketing, growing brands and what it takes to be a great marketer.
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About Badis

Co-Founder @ Implement. | Book Author | 2x Founder | Ex-CMO

Hey it’s Badis, your humble host.Β 
Here is why I am doing this podcast: I am obsessed with marketing.

A true marketing nerd :).
I am convinced that to change the world you need a marketer by your side.Β 
Or you need to be a great marketer yourself.Β 
Marketers are creators, artists - they power big ideas.Β 
And my job is to assist them.
I believe in no BS, no fluff, no hacks, no promise of rapid growth, no bro-culture kinda marketing.
I believe that great marketing requires great freedom, skill, time and a bit of self-love.
Come, tune in to the podcast and explore with me what great marketing is.

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Thank you! Welcome to Implement :)
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